Logistics and supply chain

Execution department

We believe that the success of the company lies on a strong and efficiently operated Execution department.

Food Forward has a logistics department on each of its offices. All of them are operating in tight connection with each other, their work is adjusted and focused to the needs of every customer.

Our customers can be fully confident that Food Forward has 100% control of product’s quality, shipment, documentation and accurate delivery on time. Each shipment is surveyed by quality control at loading.

Food Forward’s logistics department reports to our customers about each stage of the shipment, supplies all necessary documents on time, informs in advance estimated dates of arrival and follows cargo movement until the moment it reaches destination, assuring that all goods are delivered to our customers in good and appropriate condition.

Transportation matters

Whether our customers need the product to be delivered across the country, over the border or around the world, FoodForward can make it possible due to good cooperation with global and local shipping lines.

Food Forward can offer transportation and additional services according to each customer’s needs.

Swif response to each problem and any request from our clients, is our main concern. By concentrating most of our energy and resources on the efficient work of our logistics departments, we believe we can obtain confidence and loyalty from our clients.