About Food Forward

Welcome to Food Forward

Food Forward is an international agriculture commodity trading company that sources, transports and finances a wider range of agricultural products and feedstuffs.

Food Forward moves agriculture commodities in bulk, containers, iso- tanks and trucks from places where they are in surplus to where they are in demand, we connect suppliers and end users using our market and product knowledge,logistics, supply chain experience and financing the gap between them while managing risk.

We provide source and sales agriculture commodities from South and North America, EU, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The huge territory covered by Food Forward gives the possibility to obtain detailed knowledge of each producing region.

In Food Forward offices we work with the industry specialists who have considerable knowledge of each region, their extensive market research and product expertise provide customers with quality product, best service and competitive prices in the most efficient and professional way.

Food Forward’s highly experienced and talented team with vast trading experience has created a totally fresh, unique and contemporary approach to the trading business that is appropriate for today’s market and customers’ needs.

To be able to quickly respond on market changes, understand and foresee future tendencies on commodities market and to be one step ahead, Food Forward monitors and analyzes the situations for each indicator of the global chain on a daily basis.

Our Mission is to develop long-term business relationships with suppliers and customers, built on mutual understanding,communication, trust and integrity.